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Determination of Benzopyrene Originating from Vegetable Oil

Method: SPE
Matrix: Vegetable oil
Application No.: 101770
Sample Pretreatment: 1. Sample preparation
Weigh 0.4 g sample, accurate to 0.001 g, dilute with 5 mL n-hexane.
2. Sample purification
ProElut™ BaP 22 g / 60 mL (Grade Ⅳ activity) (Cat#65351)
Condition: 30 mL n-hexane
Load: Add sample
Elute: 50 mL n-hexane
Reconstitute: Vacuum evaporation at 30 ºC, reconstitute to 1 mL with MeCN:THF (9:1, V / V) solution
Conditions: HPLC method
Column: Inspire™ 5 µm C18, 250 x 4.6 mm (Cat#81006)
Mobile Phase: MeCN:H2O = 97:3
Flow Rate: 1.0 mL/min
Temperature: 30 ºC
Detection: FLD Ex: 384 nm, Em: 406 nm
Injection Volume: 5 µL
Author: Dikma Technologies Inc.
Keyword: Benzopyrene Originating, Vegetable Oil, Benzopyrene, Vegetable Oil, Inspire, SPE, ProElut Al-N