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About us

Dikma Technologies Inc., established in 1993, is a global technology leader committed to developing novel separation and purification solutions for life sciences and related industries. Our core technology portfolio includes products for liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, sample preparation, and bulk purification chromatographic media. We also provide related chromatography accessories and reference chemicals. In addition, as an international distributor for some of the leading brand names in laboratory equipment, accessories, and other supplies, Dikma is capable of supplying customers with a complete solution for their chromatographic needs.



We are dedicated to developing innovative chromatography products for separation scientists, in research, development and production. From grams to multi-kilograms, capillary to preparative, C1 to C18, 1.8 μm to 50 μm, 100 Å to 300 Å, Dikma columns and media are available in a wide range of sizes, quantities, and formats for maximum flexibility to address all separation needs. Dikma's analytical scale media is virtually identical to process scale media (aside from particle size) which allows for easy scalability and transferability.

Our products are designed to meet the most challenging of chromatography applications. They have been utilized in pioneering research projects at leading universities. They are routinely used in testing laboratories to process thousands of samples a day. They have undergone stringent validation protocols at multinational pharmaceutical companies for mission critical QC assays. Dikma's products have earned the trust and respect of renowned scientists and companies around the globe. We intend to continue developing innovative products through customer focused research and design.

Research & Development


The company's success is derived from its highly skilled staff, including scientists, engineers and researchers specialized in the field of separation science, with product innovation being a key focus. The team at Dikma Technologies Inc. is comprised of individuals who in the past have been responsible for the invention, development, and manufacturing of well established HPLC and GC columns and packing materials at leading chromatography companies. With a strong emphasis in organosilane synthesis, silica particle chemistry, and bonding chemistry, Dikma's products are designed from the ground up to ensure no details are overlooked in all aspects of a product's development.



Dikma Technologies Inc. is an international company with offices in multiple locations worldwide. In 2005, a new analytical laboratory equipped with the latest instrumentation was established, allowing for extensive characterization of all raw materials as well as finished products. In addition, we have progressively invested and expanded our manufacturing facilities to ensure a steady and reliable supply of our products to customers worldwide. In 2009, we opened a new 26,000 square feet manufacturing facility with the state-of-the-art chemical bonding plant.



Dikma Technologies Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 Standard Quality Assessed Company to ensure the quality and reliability of our products and services. We are dedicated to the highest standards of production, quality assurance and quality control. The production of our bonded phases is tightly controlled and monitored within a stringent quality system, ensuring product reproducibility, both batch-to-batch and column-to-column. All physical and chemical characteristics of column packing, column components and product packaging are rigorously checked in our QC laboratories.

We design the quality protocols as part of the product development process, establishing product specific chromatographic parameters and specifications. The most sensitive and difficult probes are selected for the QC test mix, allowing us to identify and resolve problems quickly. Our testing procedures are designed to mimic real world usage, thereby anticipating and preventing product issues for our customers. A comprehensive certificate of analysis, included with each product, documents our extensive testing protocol. Dikma's QA/QC program is one of the most stringent in the industry and ensures the reproducibility of our products over all critical chromatographic conditions.



In today's globally competitive environment, reducing costs while maintaining if not increasing productivity is a constant challenge. Dikma Technologies Inc. is committed to bringing maximum value to its customers, in providing both a competitive product and service, but also potentially in lower costs. We constantly evaluate our cost structure, primarily on the production side by maximizing production efficiencies and streamlining production costs, in order to pass those cost savings on to our customers.