Lab Glassware Division 中文(Chinese)


1.  Determination of emulsion explosives with Span-80 as emulsifier by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

F.F. Tian, J. Yu, J.H. Hu, Y. Zhang, M.X. Xie, Y. Liu, X.F. Wang, H.L. Liu and J. Han, J. Chromatogr. A, 1218 (2011) 3521-3528.



2.  Determination of 17 pyrethroid residues in troublesome matrices by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with negative chemical ionization.

C.Y. Shen, X.W. Cao, W.J. Shen, Y. Jiang, Z.Y. Zhao, B. Wu, K.Y. Yu, H. Liu and H.Z. Lian, Talanta, 84 (2011) 141-147.



3.  Quantitative comparison of ginsenosides and polyacetylenes in wild and cultivated American ginseng.

 J.R. Wang, C.Y. Leung, H.M. Ho, S. Chai, L.F. Yau, Z.Z. Zhao and Z.H. Jiang, Chem. Biodivers., 7 (2010) 975-983.



4.  Role of dissolved humic substances surrogates on phthalate esters migration from sewage sludge.

Z. Zheng, P.J. He, H. Zhang and L.M. Shao, Water Sci. Technol., 57 (2008) 607-612.



5 Quantification of two polyacetylenes in Radix Ginseng and roots of related Panax species using a gas chromatography-mass spectrometric method.

J.H. Liu, C.S. Lee, K.M. Leung, Z.K. Yan, B.H. Shen, Z.Z. Zhao and Z.H. Jiang, J. Agric. Food Chem., 55 (2007) 8830-8835.



6.  Establishment of GC-MS fingerprint of fresh Houttuynia cordata.

J. Meng, K.S. Leung, Z. Jiang, X. Dong, Z. Zhao, Chem. Pharm. Bull. Jpn., 53 (2005) 1484-1489.